Robots and marketing: how Amazon Echo’s Alexa is helping brands

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) empowers machines with human attributes, and this emerging technology is already being used used by platforms, such as Facebook, which uses AI to identify people in your photos, and YouTube, wherein machine learning cues up recommended videos. IMC specialists also recognize the power of AI to “automate interactions with consumers and let machines make decisions about marketing that were previously made by humans.”

Meet Alexa, your home virtual assistant

Industry leaders suggest that consumers in general are becoming more comfortable with the idea of talking to a machine, and now they can do so with a device that is essentially part of the home, Amazon’s Echo. With already more than 1,000 integrations with different apps to perform different tasks, also known as skills, many brands are partnering with Amazon to leverage this growing trend.

Brand examples

As part of their “order anyware” campaign, Domino’s has integrated with Echo to offer the Domino’s pizza ordering skill. While a Domino’s profile is required, Echo’s virtual assistant Alexa can order your pizza and have it delivered to your home, saving time and hassle.


Capital One’s skill for Alexa allows people to use their voice to check and manage their account balance and make other account changes.

Alexa can also arrange transportation through Uber for users.


Alexa and her friends

According to one article, brands need to consider the benefits of this channel now as home devices utilizing the artificial intelligence of Alexa and her competing counterparts may eventually become part of mainstream culture – changing the way we “consume media and shop.”

The future of AI

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have joined forces to create the nonprofit Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to research AI, develop guidelines for creating new AI products and technology and help the public understand the potential benefits. As voice-activated technology and smart home products evolve and become more popular, what do you think is on the horizon for marketers?




2 thoughts on “Robots and marketing: how Amazon Echo’s Alexa is helping brands

  1. Jessica,

    Great entry! Amazon is definitely building their futuristic reputation with all of their emerging technology. I have been interested in Amazon’s Echo for quite some time now. Do you think we will see even more companies tapping into the personal assistant trend?



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